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The Games

Afterburner Arcade

Beat Hazard XBLI/PC

Boogie Wings Arcade

Captain Tomaday Arcade

Deathsmiles 360

Dog Fight Arcade

Dragon Saber & Dragon Spirit Arcade

Galaxy Force 2 Arcade

G.I. Joe Arcade

Gradius / Salamandar Multi

Gunbird & Gunbird 2 Arcade

Gunforce: Battle Fire Engulfed Terror Island, Gunforce 2 Arcade

GunNail Arcade

Gyrodine Arcade

Gyruss Arcade

Guwange XBLA / Arcade

Infinity Danger XBLI

Kino One PC

Mad Alien Arcade

Mad Shark Arcade

Mag Max Arcade

Mars Matrix Arcade

NARC Multi.Arcade

Omega Five XBLA


The Shmups

Nope, not an Eddie Murphy movie about large flatulent people.  The word "shmup" is dissected into the term "shoot'em up".  The Wikipedia says a "shmup" is a "game where a player controls a lone character, often a spacecraft or aircraft, shooting large numbers of enemies while dodging their attacks."  A good definition, but those attacks start out simple and head into the realm of "bullet hell". 

Bullet Hell is the entire screen filled with enemy fire, sometimes at a high rate of speed.  The enemy fire isn't always aimed, but when it's a wall headed in every single direction, it doesn't need to be.  I call these games Bullet Heaven, because it's oddly beautiful, incredibly difficult, and fun to play. 

Back in the days of arcades these would have been called "Quarter Munchers" due to the high rate of deaths, the high rate of continues, and the high rate of quarters (or tokens) required to play the game for any length of time.  You could see some nutjob with 10, 12, 16 quarters lined up on the machine's marquee or screen for easy access to insert into the game to continue.  Now the quarters aren't necessary, as many shmups are on digital download or on disc compilations on consoles or PC, even on iPads or cellular phones.  There seems to be no end in sight for these titles.

The Styles of Games

(we're a bit more open to what a shmup is)

Arena: Smash TV

Axis Hoppers (horizontal and vertical levels): Lifeforce

Horizontal Scrolling: Scramble, Gradius 

Horizontal Static: Yars Revenge (on 2600 maybe?)

On-Rails:  Starblade, Star Wars (Atari Arcade)

Tube Runners:  Tempest, Space Giraffe, N2O

Vertical Scrolling: Raystorm

Vertical Static:  Galaga, Galaxian

Videogame Legal Screens & Boot Screens



.. more Games

Radiangames XBLI

Radiangames Link

Raiden Fighters Aces 360

Raiden IV 360

Prismatic Solid XBLI

Progear Arcade

Pure Carnage XBLI

Rambo III Arcade

Rapid Hero Arcade

Rayforce Arcade

SD Gundam Neo Battling, SD Gundam Psycho Salamander Arcade

Shoot 1Up XBLA

Sinistar Arcade

Smash TV & Total Carnage Multi

Strania: Seisou Kouki XBLA

Sylph Wind PC

Time Pilot, Time Pilot 84 Arcade

Trouble Witches  Multi

Twin Action Arcade

Twin Cobra & Twin Cobra 2 Arcade

Twin Eagle: Revenge Joe's Brother & Twin Eagle II: The Rescue Mission Arcade

Vorpal review & Vorpal 2 news  XBLI

Yars Revenge XBLA 

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