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Infinity Danger  Milkstone Studios

 I've spent lots of time playing Warning Forever, a free Boss Battle shooter on the PC for some time now.  The graphics were simple vector style, but the enemies grew to enormous size with ridiculous amounts of gun turrets and an even more absurd amount of bullets.  To put it mildly, it's an awesome title.  Now, Milkstone Studios has released a title on XBox Indies called Infinity Danger, an homage to Warning Forever, right down to the title being a play on Warning Forever.  Like many of the titles on XBox Indies, this one runs you $1, and it's the easiest $1 I've spent on Indies so far (Radiangames titles are easy, too, but that was $7 total for all of their games!)

Your ship is tiny, but has massive firepower that can be controlled and funneled into a concentrated stream of bullets or a spread-out stream of fire.  The concentrated fire is good for close in battles for those bosses that will have you cornered into a 2"x2" part of the screen with no way to go but through the enemy.  Below are some shots on how insane the game can and will get.  Bottom left is an example of one of the bigger bosses, the bottom right screen is a bigger boss missing some pieces.  As you can see, it's pure bullet heaven!  When your ship is destroyed, you don't lose lives, you lose time.  Each battle is timed on the top right of the screen.  Keep winning, keep getting time.  Keep dying, lose quickly.  It's that simple.


Before each battle, you will be given statistics of the Boss you are about to face.  How strong and how fast is it?  What's the firepower like?  What kind of weaponry am I facing?  What kind of armor?  The only thing missing is the "How screwed am I!?" statistic.  That one all depends on your luck, skill, or other worldly help you may have going for you.  My advice is prayer, Mr. Saavik, Infinity Danger doesn't take prisoners.

There are 18 in-game awards, ranging from high scores, time awards, destruction awards, etc..  The indie developers add awards in lieu of achievements, but they are trying to get into the achievement business as well.  So, sorry, achievement whores, no points for you, this one's for the gamer in you.   They've also added a World Leaderboard and Friend Leaderboard, so you can keep track of your standing with the rest of XBox Live, which is cool.  Even though I'm always ranked halfway down or towards the bottom of leaderboards.  Infinity Danger is highly recommended.


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