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The Arcade Graveyard: Ghoulishly We Play

Dragon Saber & Dragon Spirit

These games aren't bad, but the difficulty level feels way too high.  I know they were meant to eat quarters, but dying and restarting from a specific point in the level after struggling to get where you currently stood and getting killed by what felt like a cheap shot from an enemy you had no angle on.  Don't get me wrong, they are fun titles, but after you die on a level, you are fucked, as your once strong power-upped dragon becomes a wimp in the face of a far superior boss or against far superior numbers.  Damn it, these titles piss me off.  I will say at least Dragon Saber has an auto fire and a chargeable default weapon.  Dragon Spirit doesn't, and it's annoying to have to hit both buttons to destroy sky enemies and ground enemies at the same time in the same area.  And wait a second, did I just get killed by a fucking  feather in Dragon Spirit!?

Dragon Saber

Dragon Spirit

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