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Sylph Wind  Pauli Merilainen

Only in a demo state, Sylph Wind is an impressive looking game.  Your ship can pick up your enemy's shots, like Ikaruga, and the collection will build up your levels on your ship.  Staying close to enemy fire will reward you with higher levels, but it can get tricky with waves of bullets swarming your ship.  Your ship is armed with a regular gun that can rapid fire with tapping of the key, a roll maneuver which can help you collect enemy fire and avoid enemies, and a smart bomb which, of course, destroys everything on the screen. 


The sounds are simple, and the music is listenable and doesn't interfere with your play.  I'm not sure what became of Sylph Wind, it's a demo from 2007, last updates I saw were in February 2009 with some videos on Youtube, but then things seem to stop.  I wonder if it's coming to PC in shareware or some downloadable retail form? *edit* According to the creator, he's been busy with his day job, so Sylph Wind is currently resting in the "on hiatus" folder.  Not much information, so check out the video:

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