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Captain Tomaday  Visco

I'm pretty tolerant of bad videogames, and oftentimes I can find a silver lining in them.  Captain Tomaday, sadly, is not one of them.  Your role is Capt. Tomaday, a tomato with fists as his shooting weapons, who is tasked with destroying wave after wave of syrupy cute enemies ranging from baby dinosaurs to babies.  Sure to have you reaching for your insulin kit as it's so cute and cuddly looking. 

The game is a vertical scroller, and sometimes without even a boss battle happening, the scrolling will stop and you will fight wave after wave or redundant enemies, over and over again.  Capt. Tomaday also controls well enough as long as you don't hit one of the two "fire" buttons.  One button controls each Disney-gloved fist.  You can charge one while constantly tapping the opposite button until your fist starts glowing.  This is a "super shot" power, which only kills whatever is directly in line of your fire.  This would be helpful if a single shot did any noticeable damage, and double-fist firing does a little bit more damage than just one fire. 

Speaking of Boss Battles, they are tedious and long.  Each boss has layers to fight after defeating one layer, I think one of my boss battles was two minutes long, and it was boring and lifeless.  At one point my Capt. turned into a baby.  Which is weird, because earlier in the game I was fighting a baby that turned into a monster.  I'm sure the storyline explains that deal, but to me it was fairly meh and silly.  However, your kids could play this game, and you would have no worries at all about them seeing super violence and blood.  Just be prepared for them to have some freaky dreams.  This may be a silver lining, but it's only the silver lining around a cyanide capsule, which will come as sweet oblivion after playing Captain Tomaday.  It sucks.  Big time.