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When the gamer tires of sweaty muscular men, we shall bring women.  And it shall be good.

Princess Peach, aka Liz Katz.  Your princess is in another castle, mine is here:

Game Model for Alien Brigade for the Atari 7800


MadKatz Liz Katz

Free Shipping Worldwide at PinkQueen.com!



Fritz suggested  Lust from Dante's Inferno.  She's kind of hot in a really creepy way.


Why not?   Plus, she's got a few pinball machines to show off her hotness in cartoon form!  On top of that plus, there's even Elvira-themed slot machines.  Yes, please!



Shmup Chicks (L->R) Rosa, Follett, Windia, Casper, Sakura.  Aksys Games brought us these girls to destroy hoards of enemies and gigantic bosses.  They're all underage, but so is Pencil Shavings. 



Sometimes, it's good to be a nerd. 




Ok, so one picture is for videogames, the others for Halloween costumes and comics.  Want to complain? Center photo is by Martin Myatt, Right photo credits Fusion Comics.

Silent Hill

Sure, it's concept art.  So what?

Duke Nukem Babes

 We'd be silly not to include Duke, purveyor of virtual babes!  I do believe those two pony-tailed twins have deep thongs and electric whips.  Color Fritz excited!


Real women.  Real clothes.  Real hot!  The women of  Club Namco! The center chick is not from Club Namco.

Resident Evil 5

Kicking Zombie ass, as well as shooting them up,  while dressed like a classy chick.  Since when do lawyers kick ass?

Quantum Theory

Gears of War has competition, and it's not burly muscleheaded goofballs with chainsaws.



Librarians kicking ass, apparently demons or angels or something.  Sure there's a story, but who really needs a story?  But why is her head so small, and her body so lanky and tall?



Not just a bazillion combinations of weaponry. 


 Maxine Pain?  Probably, with awesome music and insane gameplay.  I mean, you have a shoot out while falling through the debris of a plane that you were riding in which exploded!  Wait until you get to the Propeller Scene.  Awesome, there's no other word for it.

Bikini Samurai Squad

Slaughtering zombies is always fun.  In the role of a woman, with unlockable outfits you can play dress-up with the characters, or spend $5 to donwload more women to, erm, play with.  Lots of blood, lots of zombies, lots of skin, shallow gameplay and 1st Gen PS2 graphics can't stop this silly title, available these days for around $20.

X Blades

"The treasure hunter Ayumi really takes this slogan to heart - she usually slashes at everything she comes across!" Boasts the press release.  Um, she's wearing dental floss on her bottom, and half a bra on top...   Want to re-think the explanation of "X" blades?

Well, at least I'm not looking at a sweaty muscular dude! 

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