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Not just for Major Motoko Kusanagi


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When the gamer tires of sweaty muscular men, we shall bring women.  And it shall be good.

Pinball machines again, here's the first woman I saw naked in a magazine way back in the early 1980s, Candy:


One of the girls from Rock Fantasy in Middletown, NY, posing with Stern's Star Trek pinball machine.


I could learn to enjoy Forza like this with Monroe Lee.

In honor of the PlayStation 4 and XBox One being released, we go back a few years for this:

Ms Pac Man is always fun.

Soul Calibur V: Soul Calibur.. um.. Soul Calibur.. ahh.. a fighting game? Uhh...

From Andriasang: 5 Facts on the upcoming game, Lollipop Chainsaw: Zombies first appear in Juliet's school on her 18th birthday. Don't worry -- it's totally okay to take a peek!  Juliet is a cheerleader at her school.  Juliet's school, San Romero Highschool, is located on the West Coast (that would be of America, I believe) and is the largest school in the region.  Juliet's chainsaw is full of pink because pink is her favorite color.  By reaching certain conditions you can make Juliet's chainsaw power up, gaining new skills.  Yep, that's right, the Onechanbara silly world seems to be welcoming in a new goofy zombie killing simulator, Lollipop Chainsaw


Another fighter?  Yes.  From Streetfighter X Tekken we bring you the interestingly flexible Poison:


The Soul Calibur/Edge/Blade series is a great series of fighting games (for the most part!)  Here they are, the Chicks of May & June: Ivy, Sophitia, Taki, Amy, Tira, and Setsuka.  Ever wonder if there are any cosplayers who actually look good in costume?  Check out the picture below, to the left, of an Ivy cosplayer.  Whoaw..



Anya, from the Gears of War series.  While we're not entirely sold on the Gears series, I have to admit, they're going about getting me back into it the right way by bringing Anya into the battlefield.  Second place goes to Sam, another Gears chick.



Ai from Metal Assault

A controllable hot chick, Ai appears in the Aeria Games title "Metal Assault."  Click here for the write-up of just who Ai is.  Oh, and this is what she looks like:


But still, like many other chicks in videogames these days, how the fekk does she fight in those clothes?

Jenna Jameson

Throwing caution into the wind again, the chick of January 2011 is one of those guilty pleasure chicks.  She's starred in many different pornographic productions, she's adored world-wide (quite possibly even in the Middle East,) has slept with some other fairly attractive women, and even made her way into the main-stream with movies like Zombie Strippers

What is it with pinball machines, anyway?

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