Zombies Ruined My Day

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Zombies Ruined My Day is a new title by Mancebo Games for the XBox Indie brand, and like many games before it, it's got zombies.   Because zombies are fodder for gamers, and gamers never shy away from blasting away zombies.  In Zombies Ruined My Day, you finally have a date with this girl you've been pining over when, oh shit- zombie infestation!  You really want that date, so you go after the zombies and for the girl.  The premise is silly, and you take control of your character and troll the bottom of the screen in a war of attrition against the zombies.  Sure you can blow them away, but more times than not they will overpower you, even if you ration your ammunition (shotguns, pistols, grenades) and other defenses (barricades).  Your projectile weapons all dispense damage with the amount of shots fired.  For instance, the pistol against the common zombie takes 6 shots, the shotgun takes 2.


The gameplay is not too fast, but the sheer numbers of zombies that start to come after you grows quickly.  There are boss battles which are challenging if you don't have enough of a good weapon.  Killing a segmented worm with a pistol instead of a shotgun takes a long time, not to mention you have to jump over the worm's spittle which instantly kills you.  Each touch by anything in this game will kill you, but you can keep trying the levels to get past as your progress is saved.  Thank God, if I had to start at the beginning of the game, I would be fairly pissed.



The graphic style is simple if not cute, and the animations are smooth.  Your characters head bobbles back and forth, which could get on your nerves, I just saw it as Bobblehead Zombie Invasion or something.  Everything dies nicely with blood, skulls, and other various substances.  The player's death is disappointing, as he dies in a cloud of spinning grey lawnmower blade looking clouds.  Yes, it's another zombie game, but this one looks good, plays well, and it's only $1..  on top of all of that, it's a fun little game!


Below: A Boss Battle


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