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Your band sucks and makes no money, you're ex-girlfriend is the bass player, your bandmates are stupid, and your "roadie" is a bit insane. What do you do?  Well, in the movie Suck, you have your decisions made for you.  That's what happens with Joey, the frontman of the cleverly-named alt-rock band The Winners.

 After another blah performance in a bar that is kept by Alice Cooper, Joey's ex-girlfriend bass player Jennifer ( Jessica Paré) decides to spend the night with a "friend' she met at the concert.  She doesn't want to sleep in the car (a hearse) that has an interesting odor to it.  This "friend" is Queeny, the brooding vampire type who, for some odd reason, comes off more as a Johnny Depp Mad-Hatter from Alice in Wonderland than a vampire.  It's such an interesting style, I wondered aloud if it was purposefully done.  Could be. 

After her night living through a bizarre music video, Jennifer returns to the band, who have arrived at their next venue. She apparently ate the band they were opening for who gave her a ride to catch up with her bandmates.  They are all semi-relieved, except for Joey.  His new chick is at the club to check out his show because Jennifer wasn't supposed to be there.  The presence of Jennifer is, well, interesting and hypnotic to the crowd, and the buzz around the band begins to pick up steam, as does the movie. ->

<- In between venue stops, there are quick clips of a Matchbox Car hearse heading from stop to stop, interspersed with an Indiana Jones-stylized animated map from point to point.  It looks pretty cool, and when they eventually get more money, the car turns into a goofy looking jet plane. ->

2007-2015 Four Tokens Media

  <- Their are a few cameos in the film: Henry Rollins as the "wacky radio DJ" Rock'n Roger, who falls victim to The Winners after mocking them on-air; Moby, in real-life a vegan, but in this movie, he's Beef, the carnivorous lead singer of a metal band; Iggy Pop, who owns a recording studio and instantly knows something's up with Jennifer; Alice Cooper, who has motives we know, but would spoil the movie if his true intentions were printed here.  Malcolm Mcdowell is also in the movie, and his role is pretty important.  He's Eddie Van Helsing, a vampire hunter who is afraid of the dark and seeking revenge for his dead love.

Watch for a few interesting shout-outs to Bruce Springsteen, Dracula & his relationship Renfield,  and blues performer and soul-seller Robert Johnson.  This is a fun low-budget movie, with interesting visuals, interesting cameos, and a sense of humor that hits or misses.  Give it a shot for the Hallow'een season this year!

This movie is Rated R, and why not?  It's got drug use, graphic violence, and some naughty words thrown in for good measure.