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Coming to XBox 360 in 2012, first in Japan, then rumored to be a US release.  The ridiculous Hot Chicks vs Zombies franchise, Onechanbara, rolls on with more dressing up, more zombies, more characters, more zombies, and, of course, more skin.  There's probably some sort of loony story in the game as well, but seeing how the first title starts out with a naked woman in a shower, it's not the selling point of the game to be sure.  It looks ridiculous, and if it's anything like the previous 360 effort, it should be awesomely bad!  Not to mention that the screenshots look a lot better and more refined (relatively speaking).  I wonder if they'll include a nude code or something for this game, I mean, what's actually holding them back from that happening?


From Andriasang.com:






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