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This news seems to have come out of left field.  Stern is manufacturing Metallica pinball machines (sorry, don't wait for it, they sold out in one hour on the first day of sales!)  They'll have 3 different models:  Limited, Premium, and Pro.  They look pretty cool, and locally in the Hudson Valley in New York, Rock Fantasy in Middletown will most likely be the one sure place to find one of these babies.  Here's the official word  from Metallica.com and Stern, and some shots of the machines and tables beneath the info sell-sheet:




It's been a long time in the making, so we are proud to finally announce the arrival of a first for us – an all Metallica pinball machine! After years of playing on Kirk's machines at HQ, we jumped at the idea when Stern Pinball came to us with some designs and ideas some time ago. The machines will include 12 'Tallica songs with "Master of Puppets," "One," and "Fade To Black" among them. Features will include an electric chair, snake, grave markers and lots of other bells and whistles along with art by our friend Dirty Donny.





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