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I love stupid movies, and I love horror movies.  Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies combines the two.  I'm not sure it worked.  Seems as a child, young Abe had an encounter with the undead, and recognized the threat of zombies later during the Civil War, around the middle of it, during 1863.  This action turns Abraham Lincoln into the baddest president on film since Harrison Ford in Air Force One.  He combines heroic action guy, noble president, yet thoughtful protector and scythe-swinging zombie killer.  One of the scenes has him running and doing the action guy jump over the camera, and catching a folding scythe tossed in the air to him, and him slinging it open to kill a zombie, complete with that well-known knife-from-sheath sound effect.  He stands triumphantly on screen looking bad-ass yet serious and pensive. 

We even get to see: the historic teaming up of Lincoln and Stonewall Jackson; the necessary use of  Secret Service Agent John Wilkes Booth to eventually kill the bitten-by-zombie Lincoln at the request of Lincoln himself (!); Lincoln telling a young Teddy Roosevelt to "speak softly and carry a big stick" to kill zombies...    There's even a nod to Lincoln's womanizing.  Not blasphemous but ridiculous!  Yet hilarious, and, well, clever..

Above: Unusual Prospects          Below:  No, I'm not kidding, seriously


The action is ok, not much to it other than dismembering zombies and zombies eating people, you know, standard-fare.  The movie looks like it's shot at a state park, with our group of survivors wandering through a picnic area- complete with modern-day tables- and well-groomed grass and white painted metal railings in concrete.  The camera work is ok, but the image quality is pretty darn good for a movie shot for around $150,000.  Go in not expecting much, and you won't be disappointed.

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