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More classics in the digital download world.  Capcom Arcade Cabinet brings a bunch of titles that you may remember, and some of those that your memory makes you think are much, much better than they actually were.  Yes, I'm talking Ghosts N Goblins.  Not as good as I remember, and still trying to figure out if I ever liked it at all.

The Arcade Cabinet has a snappy looking interface, with new artwork in one giant poster display onscreen, and that are highlighted when you move the controller to choose which game you want to play.  Each game has a faux arcade facade and cabinet to remind you of the good old arcade, or to give you an idea of what it might have been like to play those games in an arcade.  The only thing missing is the wonky buttons, coins lined up on the marquee, and cigarette burns on the cabinet.

Below: The Poster Screen

Next Below Shots:  The Faux arcade cabinet, followed by the game option screen

Each game will have history available, in case you wanted to know the history of, say, 1943.  For instance, if you want the history of it based on your own observation:

 "An extremely stylized shmup impossibly loosely based on the actual Battle of Midway during World War 2. Fly your plane from your destroyed aircraft carrier and destroy the battleship Yamato. Ironically, the game is made by a Japanese company."

Not an actual clip of history, but you get the idea.  It's a cool option to have nonetheless.   Each game will be available to download as an individual title or in a game pack, and purchasing them all gets you two bonus games, both shmups: Vulgus and 1943 Kai (previously a Japanese-only title).  I haven't purchased many of the titles, so far just the one download from the beginning.  It's pretty good for the price, but many of the titles don't warrant a purchase for me.  If you are a collector or just have to have more classic games, it's a definite no-brainer.

Here is the breakdown of what's available and how much it will cost:

Black Tiger demo February 19 (PSN)
February 20 (XBLA)
Titles: Black Tiger, Avengers, 1943: The Battle of Midway
February 19 (PSN)
February 20 (XBLA)
Titles: Ghosts n Goblins, Gun.Smoke, Section Z
March 5 (PSN/XBLA) $9.99/800MSP
Avengers March 5 (PSN)* $3.99
1943: The Battle of Midway March 5 (PSN)* $3.99
Side Arms, Legendary Wings, Trojan
March 19 (PSN/XBLA) $9.99/800MSP
Ghosts n Goblins March 19 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Gun.Smoke March 19 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Section Z March 19 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Titles: Commando, The Speed Rumbler, Exed Exes (Savage Bees)
April 2 (PSN/XBLA) $9.99/800MSP
Side Arms April 2 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Legendary Wings April 2 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Trojan April 2 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Titles: 1942, SonSon, Pirate Ship Higemaru
April 16 (PSN/XBLA) $9.99/800MSP
Commando April 16 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
The Speed Rumbler April 16 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Exed Exes (Savage Bees) April 16 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
1942 April 30 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
SonSon April 30 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Pirate Ship Higemaru April 30 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Bonus Pack (for those who have purchased all five game packs or all 15 individual titles
Titles: Vulgus, 1943 Kai
TBC Free for those who have purchased all previously released packs or individual titles
Titles: All 17 games
May 21 (PSN/XBLA) $29.99/2000MSP

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