Traffic Signal Safari     
An ongoing trek to appreciate the oddity that is a traffic control device. 
The photo quality for some pictures has been lowered to prevent long loads and space limits.
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Strange Poughkeepsie NY intersections.  Looks like part of each light is on the other light, on the bottom.
Highway-size lights stuck on a backstreet on top left.  Very low, very weird looking.  On the right, another strange light in Poughkeepsie NY.
Beacon NY old historic blinker that doesn't work, located south of Beacon on NY9D.
This light (facing screen) on NY52 in Newburgh has never, ever been on.  The construction site that it is intended for has been a hole and a bridge for over 12 years, as we used to drive past it in 2000 when going to the ShopRite in the background.  It's a very strange thing.
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