Traffic Signal Safari     
An ongoing trek to appreciate the oddity that is a traffic control device. 
The photo quality for some pictures has been lowered to prevent long loads and space limits.
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Above: The old psychiatric center below Hyde Park NY has its entrance still accessible, as you can get into the Home Depot located next door.  The exit is not, but if you try to get out of the entrance, there's a huge tree in the way.  What's behind it?  The traffic light (blinker) at the intersection of Rt 9.
Below:  Dutchess County garbage facility.  Traffic light for garbage trucks.
Remember traffic lights at banks?  Nowadays most places have red and green lettering.  Some places still have the traffic lights.
Below:  One of the many messy intersections along NY Rt 9 near the Poughkeepsie Galleria.
Above: Very old light (blinker) on a side-side road in Newburgh NY.  Remember the days of intersections with only one light?
Below:  Built to handle increased traffic for the 20 years in the making Stewart International Airport Viability Project, I bring you the the southern end of Rt 747.  Too bad most traffic on the road is traffic avoiding NY Rt 300 past the shopping centers and half-empty mall, and not for going to Stewart International Airport.
Above: New interchange being built near NY 17 and I84 in Middletown NY.  Two very high lights in place but no temporary roads yet.
This is exactly what this blinker does.  Why does it do it?  Dunno, but somebody must know what it's for.
The timer is a little off on these traffic signals set to blink at the Global Terminal in Newburgh NY along Water Street.  They operate as regular signals when there is a train on the heavily-used freight rails on the West Shore of the Hudson River.
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